Sea surface temperature (°C) departure from normal as of 3/7/17

NOAA says 2006 was the second warmest on record (avg: 54.90ºF) for the United States.
(A mild December helped raise the yearly average to 0.08ºF below 1998)

The World Meteorological Organization says the 1997-'98 El Niño was the strongest in the 20th Century.  It was a major factor in 1997's record high temperatures.  The estimated average surface temperature for land and sea worldwide was 0.8ºF higher than the 1961-1990 average of 61.7ºF.

According to NOAA, 1998 set new all-time record global land
and ocean surface temperatures, above 1997's record high levels.
1998's anomaly of 1.2ºF above the long-term (since 1880)
mean of 56.9ºF is the 20th consecutive year with an annual
global mean surface temperature higher than the long-term average.

NOAA says the La Niña Winter of 1999-2000, December through February, was the warmest on record (since 1900) for the United States.

So, what's next?