Top 25 Most Intense U. S. Hurricanes: 1900-2012

(in of merc)
1.(Florida Keys)1935589226.35
2.CAMILLE (MS/AL)1969590926.84
3.KATRINA (LA/MS/AL)2005392027.17
4.ANDREW (SE FL/SE LA)1992592227.23
5.(Florida Keys/S TX)1919492727.37
6.(Lake Okeechobee, FL)1928492927.43
7.DONNA (FL/Eastern U.S.)1960493027.46
8.(Galveston, TX)1900493127.49
8.(Grand Isle, LA)1909493127.49
8.(New Orleans, LA)1915493127.49
8.CARLA (TX)1961493127.49
12.HUGO (SC)1989493427.58
13.(Miami/Pensacola, FL/MS/AL)1926493527.61
14.RITA (SW LA/N TX)2005393727.67
15.HAZEL (SC/NC)19544*93827.70
16.(SE FL/LA/MS)1947494027.76
17.(North TX)1932494127.79
17.CHARLEY (SW FL)2004494127.79
19.GLORIA (Eastern U.S.)19853*94227.82
19.OPAL (NW FL/AL)1995394227.82
19.SANDY (NY/NJ/CT)2012194227.82
21.AUDREY (SW LA/N TX)19574**94527.91
21.(Galveston, TX)19154**94527.91
21.CELIA (S TX)1970394527.91
21.ALLEN (S TX)1980394527.91
25.(New England)19383*94627.94
25.FREDERIC (AL/MS)1979394627.94
25.IVAN (AL/NW FL)2004394627.94
25.DENNIS (NW FL)2005394627.94
Intensity is for time of landfall; they may have been stronger at other times.
* Moving more than 30 miles per hour.    ** Classified 4 because of estimated winds.

Original Data is from
The Deadliest, Costliest, and Most Intense United States Hurricanes 1900-2000
[Revised by NHC/NOAA: 5/2013]