Enhanced Fujita Tornado Scale
(EF scale)

...an update to the original F-scale by a team of meteorologists and wind engineers implemented in the U.S. in 2007.

F Number Fastest 1/4-mile (mph) 3-Second Gust (mph) EF Number 3-Second Gust (mph)
0 40-72 45-78 0 65-85
1 73-112 79-117 1 86-110
2 113-157 118-161 2 111-135
3 158-207 162-209 3 136-165
4 208-260 210-261 4 166-200
5 261-318 262-317 5 Over 200

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ENHANCED F-SCALE WINDS: The Enhanced F-scale is still a set of wind estimates (not measurements) based on damage. Its uses 3-second gusts estimated at the point of damage. These estimates vary with height and exposure.
The 3-second gust is not the same wind as in standard surface observations. Standard measurements are taken by weather stations in open exposures, using a directly measured, "one minute mile" speed.

Damage details of the Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF)
Beaufort Wind Scale

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